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About You

How would you describe who you are and what you do? *

(EG - I'm a graphic designer for X company by day, product maker by night.)

How and when did you get into ‘making’? *

(EG - I started making real products 8 years ago after I read about how to turn AI designs into physical things.)

About Your Current Project

What are you currently making with Ponoko? *

This is where you can go large and tell us everything about your creation! :-)

What material/s did you choose and why? *

(EG - I choose black acrylic because it's really good for X. I tried red felt, but decided against it because of Y.)

About Your Challenges

What’s the inspiration behind your product / Is there a particular problem you want your product to solve? *

(EG - I noticed a lot of people wanted X product & no one could find it, so I decided to make it myself.)

Why was laser cutting your process of choice / What were problems with other making processes you could have used? *

(EG - I used to make everything by hand, but after seeing the precision of a laser cutter there was no turning back.)

About Your Creative Journey

How did you find out about laser cutting & Ponoko? *

(EG - I found out about laser cutting from my design school, and about Ponoko via a search for laser cutting services.)

What led you to use Ponoko (instead of other options)? *

(EG - Making by hand was not going to work & after I compared laser services, I choose Ponoko because of XYZ.)

What's your creative process? *

(EG - When I get creatively bored, I check Ponoko's materials catalog to get inspired, then I ...)

About Ponoko’s Service

Did you encounter any challenges using our service, and how were these overcome? *

(EG - I found it tough to do X, but after I did Y, it was no problem.)

What are the top 2 things you love about Ponoko? Why? *

What specific results have you achieved from using our service? *

Here's some examples ... pick any that apply, then add your specific results in the field below ...


About What You’ve Learned

What is the best “how to” story you can tell others about 'how to make or sell' a product using a laser cutting service / using Ponoko? *

(EG - For great laser engraving results - do XYZ" or "To make a laser cut product that sells well - do XYZ.")

What are the 2 most important cost saving tips your learned using Ponoko? *

(EG - To reduce costs by about X%, I did X and Y.)

Product Photos

Upload a ZIP file containing 3+ high resolution images, ideally shot in context (EG - coaster with drinks, clock on wall, etc). *

Example ideal images: https://www.ponoko.com/blog/business-tips/maker-spotlight-little-blue-chair/

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